Ideas machine
Ideas machine (Photo credit: yesyesnono)

If you were a car, would you be the stripped down model? How stripped down? No air conditioning? Radio, CD player? Moon roof? Leather seats? Cruise control?

Would you have the strippy because you could not afford the bells and whistles, or because they are too frivolous? Your attitude to your car reflects your attitude to your life.

Does the voice, ‘Who do you think you are?!’ bellow when you think of buying something fancy? Or does the voice ‘I deserve this’ whine as you splurge on another or many other items out of the normal.

Either way, you are in self deprivation. You are either depriving yourself now of an appropriate pleasure, or spending wildly to deprive yourself later of an appropriate pleasure.

Why do you do this to yourself? It is because you are not living the life you desire. I am not talking about the mansion, the servants, and the antiques; I’m talking about your work in this life. It may be to have a family , be an artist, or run a business selling yoga togs, but it is your place in the world. Are you filling it?

If you studied your heart’s desire in school, you are on the right track. The fact that your acting jobs don’t pay the rent tells you that you need to manage your life more realistically, but not get rid of the acting. You need a part-time job that pays you steadily while allowing you some free time to do the acting. It’s possible. People are living like this today.

If you did not study what you wanted to in school, there is nothing stopping you now. There are night courses, correspondence courses, company training programs.

Or, maybe you do not know what it is that you want to do. You used to know, maybe, as a little tyke. Or maybe you got a hint at some point in your later life, but thought the idea too ridiculous, or too much work, or too hard for you.

Getting that vision for your life is the single most important thing you can do to save your life today. It may or may not be what the family expects of you, or your spouse, or society. It has to be something healthy, you feel drawn to, consistently.

You customize your life based on your urges from within. If they are hidden, run your eye down the programs that any college or university offers. Put a star beside those that intrigue you. After a while you will begin to remember that there are one or two things that you have always wanted to do.

Once you have an idea, do some footwork by looking at the titles of the courses the program contains. Then look in the job ads online or in the newspaper for job titles that give you a thrill when you read them.

It helps if you pass this idea across your spiritual self, first. It helps if you write down the idea. Then, set a date on when you will accomplish this idea, even if it’s 5 years from now. Five years will pass whether or not you do anything about your vision.

Let’s say you want to do or be a ______________. Set a date to accomplish that. Below that goal, write down what you would need to have accomplished just before getting to the top? Put a date on that. And below those goals, write the things you would have to accomplish before you get to the goal above, one at a time, putting a date on each action. Soon enough you will be at the present day, and you will see that you have a course of action for the next five years on route to living your vision.

This and this alone will put fire into your life. Then the money you spend will be funneled to help realize your dream. You will be a much better money manger as a result.

Now you have customized your life. Thanks for role modeling for the rest of us!

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