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You’d better watch out.  You’d better not cry.  It’s coming and you can’t stop it.  The holiday season wants you to go farther into debt than you have ever gone before.  Whatever you spent last year, including special foods, new clothes, trips, hostess gifts, office gifts, family and friend gifts, cards, house decor, and all the rest, you will probably spend this year, and rack up your credit cards even higher. That’s disheartening, though true.

Do you want to do better this year?
Easy!  Take an envelope, just a regular white letter envelope.  Write the words HOLIDAY CASH on it.  Write the total amount you need to save to match last year’s spree.  Let’s say $300.

Count the number of paychecks between now and the week of December 15.  I put it at 5 pays. If you spent $300 last year, you need to put $60 each pay into the envelope.  By Dec. 15, you’ll have $300. No debt.  No credit card bills in January.  Imagine the feeling!
By cutting back on your other expenses now, for a few weeks, you will be debt-free from the Holidays.

Can you do it?  Ask Santa to help you.

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