Credit Card Death

English: 'I'm Lovin It' — HM1(FMF) Fred Turner...

Death by credit card: drowning, heart attack, suicide, murder.  Maybe this sounds like a bad soap opera, but it is more likely a chronicle of our times.  While some people manage their credit cards well, paying off their balance monthly, how many people do you really know like that?  Anyway, people lie about it.

Reality Dose #1:  If you can’t afford it now, you won’t be able to pay it off later.  If you are tight for money now, you’ll be tighter after this new purchase.  If you want to make yourself feel good with some retail therapy, buy a pair of scissors. And cut up your credit cards. Don’t faint!  I heard the thud from here.

Reality Dose #2: You cannot spend money you do not have.    Repeat this mantra next time the urge to splurge hits you. What you need is to manage your money so that you will have a pile of it for the next purchase.  You can do that.  There is hope.  Stick with me here.  I will help you get from red to black, from poverty to abundance, and from sick and tired of never having enough, to grateful and grinning in prosperity. Keep reading.

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