What was the Last Thing You Stole?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Do you remember stealing anything? How about that gumball in Grade 1? How about the money from you know who? How about boosting things from a store as a teenager, or more recently? Or, the last time you took supplies from work without company permission? If it was when you were a kid, maybe it’s forgivable. But, if it’s your adult habit, folks, you got to stop that!

There are no excuses for it that hold up. You say your company underpays you, so you make up for it by taking a few pens. Hey, that’s theft. Instead, how about looking for a better job? You say that you are short of money because of a whole lot of reasons. That doesn’t give permission to make someone else short of money.

It isn’t always convenient or comfortable to be honest. It’s galling when you are given extra change by a clerk and have to give it back. It’s embarrassing to admit that you took something and have to make restitution.

But here’s the good part: once you are honourable around money, it seems your funds get better. When you are short of money, and you honestly face your situation, you can see more clearly that you need to get employment, change employers, or redouble your cold calling to drum up business. The results of those efforts are increased income, and increased self esteem, rather than the guilt and shame deep inside from taking things.

Ask for help if you are in a bad way with money right now. Ask for help from places which give the help–food banks, welfare, EI. Or, sell something you own. If you have assets, even if it’s just a ring, there is Craigs List and Kijiji, never mind eBay. Or, use your asset as collateral for a secured loan from a family member or friend. Do not take handouts. You don’t need to pulverize your self esteem.

Stop stealing. You don’t need it.

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