Time Running Out? Plan a Life Worth Living.

Now Begin
Now Begin (Photo credit: juliejordanscott)


Do you know where your time goes? How often do you plan something which takes longer than you wanted?  Or, do you plan very little, and get that much done?


Time is a resource, just like money, but with one small difference: you can’t stockpile it.  There is no saving up time from this week to use later in the month, like money in a savings account.  Each day has the same number of minutes, and when they are gone, they are down the drain.


So,  how many of these minutes do you use in self-care, following your dreams,  and getting  urgent things done?


Far away and long ago, as a child, you  lived for the day, forgot about the pain of yesterday, and didn’t worry about tomorrow.  There were so many juicy things  which might happen throughout just this one day.  You can still live that way, within reason, if you  consider what makes life worth living for you, and  schedule time to do them.


So, what makes life worth living for you?  Here are a few categories to consider: visions, vacations, spiritual growth, special events, self-care, investments, food, entertainment, education, communication, business, and dependent care. Each of these umbrella headings likely has sub heads.  Under self-care, you might have medical, dental, hygiene, exercise, rest, and massages.  You get the idea.  Though you might not fit everything in over one week, how many are you including?


Think about your yesterday. Did you take time, just 30 minutes, to read something enjoyable? Did you gather your health receipts to submit for  reimbursement? Did you make a plan for fun with family or friends? Did you call you-know-who about the thing? Or, did you watch TV for  three hours because you were so burned out from the day?


Burn out is a symptom of not spending your self wisely.  Where’s the fun, the relaxation, or the productivity, in balance?  Aha!  There’s the key:  Balance.


If you have 24 spare hours a week after work, how will you balance your needs and wants? If you use the categories mentioned, you will have about two hours for each this week.


You can do self-care, follow your dreams,  and get  urgent things done every week, if you use a spiritual time plan. Ask your Spiritual Source to guide and protect you while you plan a life worth living.


How about it?


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