*      Higher Guidance, please guide me to right thinking about who to invite into our home, and give me the courage to do it.

*      Higher Guidance, please give me the courage to negotiate with this service provider, and please give me the words.

*      Higher Guidance, please give me courage, protect me, and give me the words to negotiate the best possible arrangement for all concerned with this creditor.


*      Higher Guidance, please filter my thoughts, and help me feel gratitude for what I have today. 

      Higher Guidance, I want to live in a safe, lovely  and healthy place within my means, and I know this is Your will for me. Please guide me.


*      Higher Guidance, bring me a feeling of peace as I record comfortable amounts of money in my Spending Plan.

*      Higher Guidance, as You know, I’m worried about my money situation and scared sometimes. What would You have me do? Please guide me to bring about the best possible outcome.

*      Higher Guidance, please bring me wonderful work where I do wonderful service in a wonderful environment for wonderful pay.


*            Higher Guidance, relieve me of the  habit  of self sabotage, and restore me to the hopeful, healthy, and abundant life You want for me. 

*      Higher Guidance, we ask for Your help in making these financial decisions. Relieve us of the burdens of our egos and perfectionism. Help us to focus on the greater good of the families involved. Help us to do the work, but leave the outcome to You.

*      Higher Guidance, please transform this worry and fear into peace of mind.  And  give me the courage to take action.


*      Higher Guidance, please guide and protect me as I shop on this site, or in this store or mall.

*      Higher Guidance, help me find the perfect gift that fits within my Spending Plan.




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