Now that the holiday bills are coming in on top of regular bills, do not despair.   While money isn’t love, it sure feels like it during holiday seasons.  Hence, there are bigger than normal credit card bills, among other manifestations of overindulgence. We don’t have to talk about the scale right now. However, this is not the time to beat yourself up.

If you have been following this blog, you have read the article on Spending Plans.  If you have not  read it, take a breath, get a cup of calming liquid, maybe give yourself a quick smile in a mirror, and read it.  Because, debt repayment is simply a part of your budget. It is not the driver, nor is it the neglected child.  It is simply a part, one part, of a balanced Spending Plan.  And a balanced Speeding Plan  covers your needs and your wants. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Your wants include your dreams, or goals. Until you have set up  a money system which acknowledges your dreams, real dreams, even forgotten dreams, you will not have a satisfying financial life, and you will continue to go deeper in debt.

If you can get a copy of my book, Live Well Within Your Means, and I have libraries stocking it now, read the chapter called Fund Your Dreams.  By the way, if your library doesn’t have it, ask them to order a copy, then you can read it for free.   The chapter on  your Dreams is not a fantasy, and it is not kidding.  Dreams are the core of  your financial health and prosperity.

Now, you may say that you don’t have a dollar to spend on such nonsense.  Actually, that’s all you need.  One dollar, or even ten cents.  Acknowledge that dream.  Start an envelope with the name of the  Dream printed on it, and put a small amount of money into it every pay, or from every check you get.  When you get a windfall,  an unexpected amount of money like a rebate,  put at least a third of that into the Dream envelopes. Oh yes, you can have more than one dream envelope.

Now, instead of the the tale wagging the dog, that is, money determining how you can live your life, the dog, or your dreams, are making the rules.


1.Find  1-10 envelopes.

2. Write the name of each dream on the outside. If you’ve forgotten your dreams, use ones you wanted as a kid.  Fireman, ballerina,  or astronaut anyone? Trip down the Nile? A farm?

3. Write the amount of money you will deposit on each envelope.

4. Seed each dream with that amount of money today, now.

5. When windfalls of money come in, tax refunds, etc, deposit one-third of it in cash divided  between the dreams.

6. Oh, and do not debt today.  No digging the hole deeper.

7. Pat yourself on the back.  Your real holy day is starting now.

God, please guide and protect me as I set up a Dream Envelopes Saving System.





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