There are many suggestions about how to have a vacation on little money. Is that fun for you? How about a different take? How about taking a summer vacation which is fabulous, just short. A day trip to remember.

.They have pelicans here???

Say you want to go somewhere exotic,  somewhere you’ve never been.  That town two hours from you, east west north or south is fresh meat. Research it, see what there is to do, where the nicest restaurant is for lunch.  If you don’t have a car, where will public transit take you two hours from where you live?

Save $100. Yes you can.  You  have time. Save a little money from groceries, a little from clothes, a little from Meals Out and a little from entertainment. Gather up any windfalls, too, like a GST rebate, or sell something on Kijiji, and put that money into a Vacation envelope.

Now you have the money to go and explore the new place, snack funds for the road trip, and plenty leftover  for a boffo lunch at the town’s best restaurant. And you have that other precious resource, time.  You can explore the town to your heart’s content. Who knew they had a dripping, spooky bat cave, or such a gorgeous church, or a tiny perfect beach? Or, if you’re going downtown in your big city, check out that famous landmark you’ve never visited. Try a fancy ethnic restaurant from that country you want to go to one day.

Don’t make this plan for next week.  Give yourself at least a month to enjoy the anticipation of it.   Research shows  50% of the enjoyment of a vacation is the anticipation of it. And be sure and talk  about it with friends and family.  That builds excitement. While there, take lots of pix.  Remembering the trip is another endorphin boost.

Lord Lord, start saving now, and reap the reward of a rich summer trip.







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