Get rich in no time in 10 minutes a day. Start from where you are  now, and in no time, you can move from where you are financially today to where you’d like to be.

If you are overwhelmed by money issues, dissatisfied with your present life, and if you are willing to put use no more than a few minutes every day to do easy, short action, you are ready to begin to prosper right now.

Each day you do a tiny  task.  Some tasks require daily repetition, some only need to be done once.  But each is a step toward your enjoyable future with bills up to date, no more debt, money in the bank, lovely vacations, and more.  You deserve peace and prosperity and I can help you as I have helped so many others.So, without further ado, let’s get you From Here to Prosperity in 10 Minutes A Day.

NOTE: Use your phone or a kitchen timer, but have one ready.  Really.  This is crucial.  You are making a promise to yourself that you will work for 10 minutes and stop. If you follow this rule, you will find yourself willing to continue the next day.  If you force yourself to work longer, you will stop doing  it completely. Better safe than sorry.

Set your timer for 10 Minutes and Go!

Week 1:

  1. Get a piece of typing paper. Fold it in quarters like a greeting card. With a pen, mark a horizontal line which divides the front  of the card in half, like this: _______________
  2. Create seven columns on the page, four on the top half and three on the bottom half.
  3. Date the first column with today’s date, eg. Mon. Aug. 8 . Date the next column Tues. Aug. 9, and the next Wed. Aug. 10. Continue until each of the seven columns has a date for the next week, ending with Mon. Aug. 16.
  4. Under today’s date, write down any money you spent.  Name the item and the exact amount you  paid.  eg., Coffee $3.75,  Rent $995. If you can’t remember exactly what it cost, hunt up any receipts you were given.  Be as accurate about this recording as possible. It has an effect on your psyche when the numbers you write down are the real ones.
  5. Tomorrow you will do the same thing under tomorrow’s date, that is, write down the item and the cost of every thing you spend, and you continue in this way for the rest of the week.
  6. Carry this little card with you in your wallet, and take a pen along, too.

High Tech: If you prefer, you can record your numbers in your phone or on a tablet IF you carry it with you all day.  All other the instructions apply.

Possible Reactions: Writing down the exact amounts you spend might make you more aware of money slipping through your fingers, and you spend less.  That is not a requirement, but it is a bonus!

Also, this is harder than it seems.  If you are not used to writing down your figures, it’s easy to forget what you bought or how much it cost at the end of the day. It helps to write it down immediately or as soon as possible.   Just do the best you can.

That’s it! In 10 minutes, you have started on your way to a prosperous financial future. Tune in next week for the next 10-minute tiny task.



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