Time Isn’t Timeless

When it comes to vagueness, the winner is Time use.

While money used to slip through my fingers, once I had a Spending Plan, I learned to store some in savings for use another day. But, this is not possible with time. We have 24 hours to spend. Once each hour is gone, it’s gone forever.

So, what is the best use of time? As in my money Spending Plan, my Time Plan has realistic categories for a balanced life.  Here are my categories:  Spiritual Growth, Recreation, Family and Friends, Work and Goals including money management, Self Care, and Creativity.

 Initially, I tracked my time for a week and analyzed it at the end.  I was shocked to see Work used up most of my time, while Recreation and Self Care were ignored.

I asked God to re-balance my life. Today, I book fun, reduce items on my to-do list, and add Rest as a time slot. That’s Self Care.




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