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Folks, you just got a tax refund windfall!  Celebrate!  And lighten up, a little. Some of you are so serious.  Squirreling away the whole bundle in paying down the mortgage, Emergency Fund infusions, or  debt repayment. Sheesh. Others are giddily zooming off in all directions, buying big screen TV’s, new couches, or new wardrobes. Gulp. … Continue reading

Time Running Out? Plan a Life Worth Living.

Plan a life worth living. Continue reading

Groceries which You do not Eat are not Groceries

  The dictionary defines Groceries as products you get from a grocer. Ergo, this could be cat food, laundry detergent, and celery. But, the money you put aside for weekly groceries needs to reflect the things you are buying. If you have a pet, wouldn’t a Pet category give you a clearer picture on how … Continue reading

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